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Our advice on insurance products and financial services is available to both companies and individuals.

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Your Financial Security, Annuities and Group Insurance Advisor in Montreal and Surrounding Areas

For Individuals and Businesses

Domon Services Financiers Inc. offers personalized solutions for the sound management of your financial security, your annuities and your insurance. As group insurance experts in Montreal, our mission is to provide you with ongoing support to get you the products best suited to your small or medium-sized business. We also offer insurance products and financial services to associations, individuals and families looking to protect their wealth or build a retirement nest egg that meets their needs.

Why Do Business With Us?

When you call on Domon Services Financiers Inc., you’ll get a number of benefits including:

  • A customized group insurance plan
  • Comprehensive coverage with competent, reliable and reputable insurers
  • Greater employee satisfaction 
  • Better control over your expenses
  • A flexible system that evolves according to your company’s needs

A Solution Adapted to Your Needs

If you are unsure which product is for you, an advisor will take the time to analyze your situation with you and properly target your needs. We will be able to offer you the best solution, both for your company and for your family. Get informed!

Group Insurance

Your human resources are critical to your company's success.

Personal Insurance

From life insurance to travel insurance, we have solutions for you.


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